Did you know?

Spider monkey’s tail is so practical that it can handle objects as small as a bean.

Spider monkeys have only one baby at a time, and their pregnancy will last 4 months.

Since they mainly eat fruits, this specific species needs up to 1 acre to have enough food for the year, which makes them move from an area to another to find new food sources.

Spider monkeys will scratch the skin of his fruit to make sure it is mature and if it is not ripe enough, he will drop it and look for another one.



(Arboreal Ateles)

Spider monkeys are a special species for many reasons. One reason is his prehensile tail, which means “to grasp or take a hold”. For instance his tail allows him to take a hold of his food. It also helps him to grab sticks that he will throw down to any predator to scare him off. His tail’s size varies from 0.50 a 0.90 m. in length, and it helps him to move very fast from one tree to another even if they are far away.

Spider monkeys can be found in tropical forests of Central and South America. From Mexico down to Brazil. In Mexico there are two species Ateles geoffroyi vellerosus, that can be found from Tamaulipas down to Chiapas and the Ateles geoffroyi yucatanensis, which as its name mentions, can be found in Yucatan.

Since the spider monkeys live in tropical forests, it has become an endangered species due to the destruction of its habitat.

They prefer to eat well mature fruits, however it will eat leaves, flowers and some insects.