Ornate Hawk Eagle.

Ornate hawk eagle is a very unique bird. Its scientific name Spizaetus ornatus comes from the Greek word spizias meaning hawk and aetos meaning eagle. This bird lives anywhere from Mexico to northern Argentina and Paraguay

 The ornate eagle has truly beautiful colors. They have a black crown and chestnut colored color, with a white throat, black back and sometimes they have brown bases, and white tips.

Wingspan is about 3 to 4 feet and they weigh about 2.5 pounds to 3.5 pounds. They have a length of 23-26 inches.

They may eat many different kinds of smaller birds, mammals and once and a while reptiles. Such as chickens, quail, parrots, guans, little blue herons, and rarely black vultures. They usually hunt from a perch in the forest. They ambush their prey in flight, on the ground, or from a tree branch.

 The ornate hawk-eagle breeds by soaring together, then the female perches and the male displays for her by circling high, flapping at a steep angle and then diving down with half folded wings at a similar angle for a short distance and repeating the process indefinitely.


Ornate Hawk Eagle