Leopardus pardalis

The Ocelot has several names. It has also been known as, the Painted Leopard, Dwarf Leopard, McNenney's Wildcat, or Manigordo (in Costa Rica).

Anatomy: Ocelot's range in color from light yellow to reddish Grey with dark spots and stripes. They have dark stripes on their cheeks, and their tails have rings of dark fur. While similar to that of the Oncilla, and Margay, which inhabit the same region, it is larger of the three. It's appearance is that of a domestic cat, yet is twice their size.


Their range extends from the southern part of Texas and into Northwestern Mexico. They can also be found in all country's south of the United States except Chile.


Ocelot's live in a variety of habitats which range from mangrove forests, coastal marshes,savannah grasslands, pastures, thorn scrub and tropical forests. All of these habitats provide and important necessity to the Ocelots, dense protective cover. They can live at times up to an elevation of 3,900 feet.


Ocelot'sare carnivore's, so they hunt and eat animals such as rodent's, rabbit's, young deer, birds, snakes, monkeys, fish, including at times domestic animals such as young pigs and poultry.

Ocelot- as pictured by the Encyclopedia Brittanica