The Jaguar:

Otherwise known as, Panthera Onca, is a large cat, or feline. The only Panthera species in the Americas. It is also the third largest feline following the tiger and lion.

Range: It currently ranges from the Southern United States and Mexico through much of Central America. South to Paraguay and to the North to Argentina.

The spotted jaguar closely resembles a leopard, while its behavior and habitat characteristics more closely resemble that of a tiger. The black jaguar is typically a melanistic color variant of any of several species of larger cat.

The jaguar has a very strong bite which is strong enough to pierce the shells of armored reptiles, or bite through the skull of its prey crushing it fatally.

The jaguar is a near threatened species and its numbers are declining. Its biggest threats are loss of habitat, and humans.

Belize has one of the only Jaguar preserves in the world which is located at Cockscomb National Park. It is 150 miles of protected rain forest, which shelters some 200 of the endangered animals.

Jaguars are night predators which means they sleep during the day. So your best chance to ever see one is at night or very early in the morning. They are most active during the rainy months of June or July in Belize.

More than 7,000 acres has been set aside between Belmopan and Belize City as a sanctuary for these beautiful cats.